Lync 2013 Logging Tool

Lync 2013 Public Preview still contained the well known Lync Logging Tool (with the need to install Snooper via Resource Kit Tools to be able to decode logs).

The RTM version of Lync 2013 is missing these tools as can be seen in my lab deployment on a Windows 2012 Server:

Lync 2013 without Logging Tool

Lync 2013 without Logging Tool













But there are good news – Logging Tools can be downloaded and installed separately and this package already contains Snooper so there is no need to separately install Resource Kit Tools anymore!

The download is called “Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Debugging Tools” and can be found here.

After installing there is still no program manager link to these tools but they can be found at:

Lync 2013 Logging

Location of Lync 2013 Logging Tools










Starting OCSLogger.exe brings the usual logging experience:

Lync 2013 logging as usual



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