Virtual SBC qualified for Lync Server 2013

OfficeMaster Gate (Virtual Edition) from Ferrari electronic AG is now qualified as a Session Border Controller for Microsoft Lync Server 2013!

After several weeks of rigorous testing our virtual SBC reached this status under the Microsoft UC Open Interoperability Program. This ensures that all technical specifications defined by Microsoft are met and that this product is fully supported with all required features.

This closes the final gap since OfficeMaster Gate is already qualified as an “Enhanced Media Gateway” under Microsoft UCOIP and OfficeMaster SBA is qualified for Lync Server 2010 and 2013.

More details can be found on our landing page including a datasheet with ordering information and a quick start guide.

Using SBCs with Microsoft Lync

There are different kinds of SIP trunks connecting to Microsoft Lync server:

  • Trunks from telephony providers not qualified for Lync
  • Trunks qualified for Lync via “Open Interoperability Program” (OIP)
  • SIP connections from PBX systems

PBX vendors usually do not invest much in Lync interoperability and qualification. Therefore only limited SIP compatibility is given and in most situations there are several restrictions when using a direct SIP connection to a PBX. Important features like media bypass, encryption, REFER support and many others are often only supported by using a qualified SBC between PBX and Lync systems.

Many SIP trunks from telephony providers are not compatible with Lync for several reasons, a typical one is the missing support of SIP over TCP or TLS. In addition these providers often require the use of special SIP headers or even registration using separate credentials. A Lync qualified SBC deployed on premises will enable the use of such trunks together with Lync.

Even with Lync qualified SIP trunks a separate SBC provides additional benefits, like:

  • Support for analog and other legacy devices
  • Fax support – either with dedicated fax machines or using a fax server
  • Media bypass – this can eliminate the need to install separate mediation servers which alone may pay for the investment in an SBC!

And last but not least – the virtual SBC also supports our OfficeMaster Fax/UM server!

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