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Lync Management Shell on Windows Server 2012 R2

I’m currently building a new test and demo lab for Lync Server 2013 based on virtual Windows Server 2012 R2 machines. I know that after installing the Lync Standard Edition Server the newest cumulative update should be deployed. This also needs some SQL database updates. After installing Lync RTM bits I updated using the brand new January 2014 updates and started Lync Management Shell to do the necessary database updates.

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Virtual SBC qualified for Lync Server 2013

OfficeMaster Gate (Virtual Edition) from Ferrari electronic AG is now qualified as a Session Border Controller for Microsoft Lync Server 2013!

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Lync 2013 Logging Tool

Lync 2013 Public Preview still contained the well known Lync Logging Tool (with the need to install Snooper via Resource Kit Tools to be able to decode logs).

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Music on Hold with OfficeMaster Gate and Microsoft Lync Server

When a PSTN call is put on hold by a Lync client (this may happen explicitly by clicking the appropriate button or implicitly by placing a second call for consultation or answering a call waiting) the PSTN gateway may play Music on Hold (MOH) to the participant on the PSTN side. This is not a mandatory requirement for qualification but customers typically expect that behaviour.

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See who’s ringing at the door using Lync

Ferrari electronic integrates Video Door Phones with “OfficeMaster EntryControl”.

A lot of successful Lync deployments helped us learning more about special customer requirements. As soon as you replace a PBX completely you are faced with several types of legacy analog equipment. Typical examples are door entry phones. Since enhanced gateways and SBAs must be able to integrate analog devices this can be done easily.

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Outgoing calls after Lync CU4 update

Lync servers running cumulative update 4 (CU4) expose a slighly different timing behavior on outgoing PSTN calls. If call setup to the destination takes a bit longer and the PSTN gateway does not send any provisional reponse except “100 Trying” the call will be cancelled after about 10 seconds. It seems that the INVITE transaction timeout timer has been shortened in CU4.

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Survivable Branch Office Telephony – the easy way!

Support for resilient telephony in branch offices during WAN outages is not a new feature – some vendors offer it for several years already. Microsoft’s new Lync based solution sets a new benchmark: no specialists are needed for deployment and it can be done in far less than an hour! Unbelievable? Let’s see…
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Analog devices in Lync 2010

Being able to replace a traditional PBX is an important new feature of Lync Server 2010. New functions like enhanced delegate handling and resilient telephony are a big step forward but support of analog devices is important as well. Although telephony is normally based on VoIP there are still situations where a few analog lines are needed: Elevator phones with two-wire connections, existing fax machines or special devices like door phones or pagers still use traditional interfaces. Continue reading