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Analog devices in Lync 2010

Being able to replace a traditional PBX is an important new feature of Lync Server 2010. New functions like enhanced delegate handling and resilient telephony are a big step forward but support of analog devices is important as well. Although telephony is normally based on VoIP there are still situations where a few analog lines are needed: Elevator phones with two-wire connections, existing fax machines or special devices like door phones or pagers still use traditional interfaces. Continue reading

My new blog in English

Since English is the common language especially in the UC community I started this new Blog. As a native Austrian (born near Salzburg) and living in Berlin for 31 years my English is not perfect but I’m pretty sure you will understand what I’m talking about.

I have started another blog in German a few years ago but future contributions should mainly appear here. You can find more information about myself by clicking on “About” in the header area.